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After going through an accident, dealing with insurance can become confusing and overwhelming. We have great resources that offer clarity when you need it most. Click a button below to discover tools and information designed just for you. Please call us if you need any assistance.

Should I File a Claim?

Fill in the highlighted field with information from the repair facility (yellow) and from your insurance provider (purple).

Disclaimer: These are merely guidelines. Consult your insurance company/policy for more information.

$ Amount Insurance Will Pay:   $

$ Total Rate Increase:   $

Annual Insurance Premium multiplied by Potential Rate Increase then multiply # of Years for Rate Increase.

$ Out of Pocket if No Claim Filed:   $

If you don't file a claim, then this will be the amount you would pay. ($ Cost of repair)

$ Out of Pocket if Claim Filed:   $

Same as $ Less Deductible Amount.

$ Cost of Rate Increase:   $

Same as $ Total Rate Increase.

$ Total Cost if Claim Filed:   $

If you do file a claim, you will pay this amount.
This shows the total of $ Out of Pocket if Claim Filed and $ Cost of Rate Increase.

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